Merchant of Dream | costume store

❞Merchant of Dream❞ Fashion Limited is a ❝costume and burlesque boutique❞ open in ❝Vancouver, BC❝ since September 2010. They specialize in costumes, venetian masks and other accessories for parties and for the movie industry.

Hired before the company was created, I worked with the owner in order to bring his dream to life. ❝We heaven-stormed for weeks and weeks on the company name❞ and the end we saw ❝the dream❞ (cheezzzy, eh! I know!!!). After that, all the rest is just history. In ❝only 2 months❞, I designed Merchant of Dream ❝entire visual identity❞ (logo, business cards, letter head, front sign and 10.000 flyers), designed and hand-coded the ❝website❞ from scratch (HTML/CSS, Jquery slideshow), also set up their ❝google adwords account❞ besides others (❝dealing with printing shops❞, asking quotes, evaluating printing options as well as costs, dealing with delayed shipment, coordinating ❝flyers distribution❞, etc, etc…)

It was just late nights after late nights but at the end we made it on time and the ❝Merchant❞ was ready to sell his dream (excuse the pun!)

Visual Identity, Website design and coding (HTML/CSS + Jquery slideshows), flyers